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Change your thoughts change your lifeRebirth of Sun

'The re-creation of birth is the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life - finally everything slots into place.'  

Benefits of Rebirthing
 * You rediscover Full Healthy Breathing
* Reclaims your Innocence
 * Dissolves all guilty Beliefs
 * Supports honest Communication without blame
 * Release negative beliefs &  thoughts around relationships
 * Helps you to express Emotions safely
 * Enhances your Beliefs & thoughts around Sexuality
 * Lifts depression & anxiety
 * Unearths your Life Purpose
 * Heals traumatic births
 * You feel 'in the flow'
 * You experience an amazing sense of Connection 

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Breathing

is a sacred and revitalising breathing technique, similar to the ancient practice of Kriya Yoga.
Rebirthing  heals 'your child within' by cleansing your body of negative blocks and beliefs so that you can, with the help of specific positive affirmations, attract to yourself a vibrant and positive life. 

The connected breathing rejuvenates the cells of your body and brings to your awareness unconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings which may, or may not, go back to your birth. Just by accepting these or making them 'alright' (as opposed to 'all wrong') and changing your thoughts as you breathe - you change what you are experiencing! 

A rebirth can also be seen as a microcosm of your life. This is because, how you breathe in a session will usually be an indicator of how you operate/behave in your life. Nothing's wrong - neither how you are in your life nor how you breathe in a rebirthing session.

Marianne Friend giving a Rebirthing-Breathwork Session

Rebirthing is based on the philosophy that our thoughts and beliefs create our lives.

When you change your thoughts you change your live! 

This is a Universal Truth - yet for many people, a very different way of seeing life.

The goal of rebirthing and surely of life is to realise the preciousness of who we are, being happy and fulfilled in the life we want to live.

Further Reading
If you'd like to read more about rebirthing please see my article in Paradigm Shift: Rebirthing, Self-Transformational Breathing (PDF format).

Rebirthing Session Testimonials

I had never come across 'rebirthing' until meeting Marianne through a mutual friend.
It sounded interesting and since I like to give most things a try, I gratefully accepted her offer to have a session and find out more for myself.
I've never considered I'd had a 'difficult birth' - despite being breech, which must of course have been uncomfortable for my poor Mother!
I just always thought it was amusing that I came into the world bottom first, witnessed by about a dozen medical students.
Marianne indicated that this back-to-front entry could possibly have lead to a deep-seated feeling of being somehow 'wrong' at some level.

Although I had never tried the continuous breathing technique before, I found it easy to get the hang of and to maintain - for well over an hour.
And what an hour!
Within a few minutes my mind was presented with many scenes from my childhood involving small dark place where I climbed or squeezed in and hid - perhaps to 'return to the womb'? Soon my body was in contortions and my elbows and knees buzzed intensely as if they were full of wasps! My hands become temporarily paralysed - Marianne had warned me this may happen so I was not worried and it passed.
She was attentive and tuned-in throughout and offered guidance and reassurance from time to time.
From lying on my back, I slowly manoeuvred myself into a crouching position, turned around and somersaulted over to 're-birth' myself head first off the side of the bed and between the legs of the chair Marianne was sitting on. All this happened spontaneously and quite consciously yet in a state of semi-trance. I pushed and slithered my way out until I was free of any impediment and lay quite exhausted on the floor. The feeling of lightness and contentment was quite overwhelming. A truly remarkable experience.

George B.
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"I wanted a rebirth because I needed a radical change in my life.
I've suffered from depression, anxiety, severe social phobia and
a general lack of will to live for over 20 years.

I have done rebirthing twice before doing it with Marianne,
both times in a group setting so I had no idea what doing it
indivudually would be like. I worried that it would be to intimate
and that with all attention on me I would feel the need to perform
and not be able to relax, but this was all unjustified worries.

Marianne truly is a born rebirther. I have never before met anyone who is
so destined for their profession .

She's kind and gentle and knew exactly what to do during my whole session.
She made me feel supported and secure in a way I've been lacking since birth.

I think everyone would benefit from a rebirthing with Marianne
regardless of their background or reasons for wanting change in their lives.
It was an incredible experience and has lit a life force within me that
I've been missing for a long time. I finally found what has been holding me
back all this time and I feel totally different in myself.
I have lots of energy and I'm no longer afraid of living.
I feel strong, free and centred.

My previous rebirths were useful but they pale in comparison to the one
I had with Marianne. She's a remarkable rebirth facilitator and I
really hope more people will take the chance to experience how a rebirth
can radically change your life for the better."

- Jennifer, 31